Hellfuck 2012

by Antimelodix

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Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Antimelodix.

Sanya Ded - words of Wisdom
Chester - 6 strings
Mr. Magister - 6 strings & backthroat
Mr. Metalpunk aka Herr Schnupfen - bass & backthroat
Dima O. - beats of fury

Cover art by Igor Fomin.


released August 4, 2012




Antimelodix город Петрозавод, Russian Federation

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Track Name: No eternity
the blood-pump pulse is pushing the liquid
lubricating body, lubricating brain
capillaries are getting dry, awaiting for the order
searching for the shifts and the new conditions!

the esoteric scripture, the sacral vision
faint gleam in the quarries of the tortured gods
by the endless chain the thoughts were crawling
abnormal forms of abnormal poems
(slowly dissipating into infinity of ages)
Track Name: War//Earth
broken cross
burnt churchyard
black chimneys
war and holocaust


blown shelter
fading sun
the earth will receive
rebelious tribe


the earth receives the rebellious tribe
the war shrouds the time into infinity
Track Name: State machinery
the machinery absorbs the planet resourses
leaving behind the burnt solid earth
with barbarian malice incenerating
everything that can be burned

brainwashing mechanism of mass consciousness
is on and functions to the max
propaganda is working round the clock
advent of the complete darkness

the state machinery!

bombs are ramming into the womb
the flesh agonizes!
the pipelines became the new landscape!
the slums and silent death

doctrines, state programs, debate -
the rulling class is mocking!
police, judges, soldiers -
for the famished masses!

the state machinery!
Track Name: City (part II)
slowly we are rotting
slaving under lashes
the unhurried death
do not dare to speak

we’re herded together by rods
city waits for the holy sacrifices
like thousands years ago
the inferno devoured it

gallows are cracking the necks
axes are sweeping on the blocks
psychotropic freedom
mass-media womb
meaningless globality
post-soviet reality
oil and gas altar
sacrifice is being made for tzar

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